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Online Zoom classes (£7.50) and online 1:1's (£35) are still available on a Pay As You Go basis. Please download the schedule or email for details.



Studio Group Mat Classes (Springhead)

All courses must be booked and paid for in advance.


3 session course                 £27

4 session course                 £36

5 session course                 £45

6 session course                 £54

Private Sessions (Gatehead Mill)

All private sessions must be booked and paid for in advance.


£45 single session 1:1    

£60 single session 2:1 (two people sharing)

£200 5 session block 1:1
£250 5 session block 2:1 (two people sharing)

Back4Good Healthy Backs Programme

Private 1:1 sessions (Gatehead Mill) cost £45 each


Private 1:1 sessions are available at Gatehead Mill and cost £45 each.

Pregnant (after 14 weeks) and postnatal clients (after 6 weeks with medical clearance) are also welcome to join group matwork courses. Each session costs £12 payable in advance and clients will follow an individual session plan within the group context.


Pay £60 per month for up to 10 classes (Zoom and studio) during that calendar month 

(Fee may be adjusted due to holidays etc.)


These are by arrangement and cost £35 for a 1:1 or £50 for a 2:1

ZOOM classes on Friday mornings, and Wednesday evenings are £7.50 each PAYG


Specialist classes designed to improve posture and movement patterns essential to your game to improve your performance. Email for more information.

1:1 and 2:1 sessions only at the moment, costing £45 and £60 respectively.

T​erms & Conditions


All courses and Private sessions must be booked and fully paid for in advance. All clients will be asked to fill out an enrolment form which will remain confidential. Classes will run for 55 mins.


Group classes: Cancellations (with more than a week's notice) can be made up by doing an alternative class (within the time frame of existing course).


No-shows or late cancellations will be charged full rate and cannot be made up.

Private sessions: Cancellations with more than one week's notice can be re-scheduled within a 1 month period.

2:1 private sessions are for  two people. Should just one person cancel (with at least a week's notice) it will be charged as a 1:1 session to the other person and a refund paid or credited at the end of the session or course.

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