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Please scroll down to see the most recent client testimonials. Also see more reviews on the High Performance Pilates page on Facebook.

Alice, Feb 2017  *****

Juliette is an excellent teacher and loved by all the clients! Extremely knowledgeable and able to adapt to all levels and any injuries present in the class. I will miss having Juliette as part of my team and the clients will miss her too!

Duncan, Feb 2017  *****

Excellent teacher and very well-received at our community centre in Westminster. She has been extremely well-informed, reliable and the class will really miss her. She has given them a very personalised and adaptable course of Pilates and they have benefited enormously, coming from mixed ages and backgrounds.

Greville, March 2017  *****

Juliette is an amazing teacher, with a fantastic grasp on how the body works and how I need to use it as a circus performer. She has helped me immeasurably through our pilates classes and throughout the degree course at the National Centre for Circus until now both as a teacher and a mentor.I cannot recommend her enough!Very sad to see her move up north, but wish her all the best!

David, June 2018  *****

Close observation of each class member and personal advice on correct alignment and posture. Juliette carefully plans each session to ensure a structured approach with progression throughout the course. Good demonstration by Juliette of each exercise. Very sad that my move out of the area will result in leaving such a skilled trainer.

Pippa, June 2018  *****

I love coming to Juliette’s classes, I’m feeling strong and toned and she really is a fab teacher explaining all the moves whilst making sure you are in the correct positions. The class is very welcoming and we have fun which is a bonus .

HG, June 2018  *****

I started going to Juliette's classes a number of months ago following a problem with my lower back. I was a little nervous at first but soon got into the swing of this and now love going to her classes. I can really notice the difference and as the previous testimonials state Juliette is a great teacher and knows her stuff.
Thanks Juliette and keep up the fantastic work! : )

B Mac, July 2019  *****

I have had lower back and hip issues for over 3 years so started one on one sessions with Juliette. After the very first session there was a noticeable difference in pain levels. Structured classes and 'homework' meant that at the end of the 5 week block, I was feeling better than I had in years. Juliette also explains why we do each exercise, which muscles will be targeted etc. Brilliant.

Rachael, October 2019  *****

Juliette is great at tailoring the sessions to the individual needs of participants and I definitely feel like my strength and mobility are improving!

Fiona, October 2019  *****

I like Juliette's ability to explain and demonstrate each exercise and ensure that we are all getting it right! 

Juliette is really knowledgable and great at explaining what each exercise is intended to target and - crucially - to ensure that we are all doing them correctly and adjust our techniques when required. Her classes are a very welcoming and relaxed environment. I generally have to miss classes over the summer due to other commitments and it's amazing how much better I feel once I get back into the swing of it in the Autumn.

Shelagh, May 2021

Over the last year Juliette’s classes have been inspiring and played an important part in my survival of lockdown. Even though the classes were online,  her attention to detail and the importance of performing the exercises correctly was paramount and as always the teaching was of the highest standard. I can’t praise her classes enough, I’m fitter, stronger and her positivity kept me going.  It was also lovely to check in with my fellow classmates (and their cats!). Highly recommended – either in the studio or online.

Hilary, May 2021

Pilates has given me the tools I need to continue to understand and to use my body better and Juliette’s careful explanations and teaching as we go along help make sense of the exercises and their purpose.  I’ve been helped a lot!

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