Back4Good Programme and Healthy Backs Classes

I am a qualified Back4Good practitioner and believe that if someone can do something to help themselves manage their pain then they should! And according to the latest guidelines and evidence exercise is the way forward.

The Back4Good Healthy Backs programme provides effective exercise for the prevention and management of low back pain. These are specialist classes and the numbers are therefore always small (maximum of 10 per class). Private 1:1 sessions are also available and are highly recommended to those who have had no Pilates experience. For more information please download the Back4Good leaflet by clicking on the button below.

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​Mat classes

I hold a Level 4 qualification.

Mat classes are the foundation of Pilates work. They can be tailored to specific objectives of a group, to specific levels of experience or to specific populations (e.g. over 50's, post natal, athletes etc.) or they can be mixed ability. High Performance has a maximum of 12 clients in any class, less for some (e.g.Back4Good). All classes are designed to improve the way you move, addressing alignment, posture, balance, strength, stability and range of movement and at the same time will promote a sense of well-being. And all classes are fun too!

Ante & Post Natal

I am qualified through Body Control Pilates to design and teach courses for both ante-natal and post-natal clients. If you are interested in this please contact me by email or phone and we can discuss whether private sessions or group classes suit your needs better.

Please note that I do not take on pregnant clients before 14 weeks if I haven't already taught them before.

Post natal clients should wait for 6 weeks after the birth before starting Pilates.

All pregnant and post natal clients should check with their GP or midwife before starting Pilates or any other form of exercise.

Pilates for sports activities

I have worked with acrobats and dancers for many years and more recently with athletes too. Pilates for golfers, cyclists, runners, walkers and riders, is more demanding and can be very challenging.

Many top athletes and performers today have turned to Pilates as rehab and also for injury prevention. Pilates for Golfers is offered as a specialist class (see Prices and Courses tab).

Whether your aim is to rehab after injury, gain better alignment, improve your movement efficiency, extend your range of movement or target specific patterning or recruitment problems, Pilates can make a difference to your sporting activity.

Please contact me for more information.